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How often will we meet?


Normally sessions will take place once a week - on the same previously agreed day and time. However, for some individuals it may be more practical or convenient to meet every fortnight. The best arrangement for you can be discussed when therapy commences. 

I offer both face to face and online sessions


How long will therapy be?


That is difficult to say, it varies for different people.   

Short-term therapy is considered to be up to 12 sessions (approximately 3 months).  Medium-term therapy is between 3 months and a year and long- term therapy is considered to be anything over a year.  

These time scales are not definitive because it does depend how frequently a client is attending i.e. weekly or fortnightly.  Also experience has taught us that two people coming with the same problem can actually take different amounts of time to recover and a lot of this is determined by how much work they do between sessions as all our clients are offered a variety of different written and audio-visual resources to support their therapy.




Everything that we discuss in the sessions is strictly confidential. In order to monitor my work I attend regular supervision where client material is discussed with anonymity.

In the unlikely event of a serious concern about your safety or the safety of others, confidentially might need to be broken.  However, I would inform you and ask for your permission wherever possible.



From £55 to £65 per 60 min session








“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.” 

 Shannon L. Alder

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